How to Check/Fix Your Mail Settings for CocoNet

  • Microsoft Outlook Express versions 4.0, 5.x
  • Outlook 98, 2000

Outlook users click here for a note.
A note for Corporate or Mailbox Only account users.

Use the following steps to check and repair your CocoNet Internet e-mail account in Outlook Express or Outlook 98/2000:

  1. In Outlook Express, click Accounts on the Tools menu.
  2. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, select the Mail tab at the top.
  3. Normally there will be one account name mail.coconet.com double click that name to open it's properties.
  4. For the first box under the heading Mail Account type mail.coconet.com  This is a description of the server you will using for email.
  5. In the Name box type the name you want others to see when you send a message.
  6. In the E-mail address box, type the e-mail address for your account.  This is your CocoNet account name which appears on your bill and also the User Name in the Connect To box. (for example, "janedoe@coconet.com").
  7. The Reply address can be left blank.  This is for advanced configurations and only needs to be filled in when your email address and the address you wish people to reply to you is different.
  8. Make sure the checkbox "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" is checked.
  9. Click the next tab at the top called Servers.
  10. You should have "POP3" in the box called "My incoming mail server is a" field.  If you do not have POP-3 you need to remove this account and start with the procedure for how to add a new mail account with CocoNet.  You cannot change this field after the selection is made initially.
  11. Incoming mail (POP3) and Outgoing mail (SMTP) are BOTH mail.coconet.com
  12. Account name is generally the same as your User Name when you first connect to CocoNet.  This is also the first part of your email address, remove the @coconet.com and you have it.
  13. Password should match the password you use to connect to CocoNet.  Passwords are case sensitive, if you are supposed to type a capital "A" a lowercase "a" will be incorrect.
  14. Check the Remember password box if you do not wish to type in your password each session that you check mail in Outlook Express.
  15. Do NOT check the box that reads "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"
  16. Do NOT check the last box "My server requires authentication"
  17. Click the Connection tab at the top.  Uncheck the box "Always connect to this account using".
  18. Click OK at the bottom to save your changes.
  19. If you have more than one Mail account under the account you just checked, you may remove the extra ones by click each name once to highlight it, then click remove on the right.  Answer Yes to the warning prompt if you are sure you wish to remove each one.
  20. When finished, click Close on the bottom right.
  21. Close Outlook Express by pressing the "x" on the top right or click File, then Exit.
  22. Open Outlook Express once again to test your new settings.

Outlook users: substitute Outlook wherever it says Outlook Express.  Setup is almost identical for Outlook when using the Internet Only configuration.  Corporate or Workgroup email configuration is different from this procedure.

Note: This procedure is for a standard access account with CocoNet if you have customized mail only accounts or a corporate network these settings may not apply to your situation.  If you are unsure please contact your system administrator of your company or call CocoNet Technical Support.

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