How to Configure Eudora 4.0

Eudora 4.0 - Mac OS
  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • Application: Eudora
  • Application Version: 4.0

  1. Select Settings... from the Special menu in Eudora. The Settings window opens, displaying categories on the left, and specific options for each category on the right.

  2. Select the category Getting Started and enter the following information:

Real Name:	Type your name (optional).
Username:	Type the first part of your mailing address.  For example, 
			      if your email address is username@coconet.com,type 
Mail Host:		Type mail.coconet.com 
Return address:	Leave It Blank
  1. Select the category Hosts and enter the following information:
SMTP:	mail.coconet.com 
Directory Services:	Leave blank.
Finger:	Leave blank.
  1. Select the category Checking Mail and verify the following information:

Username:	Should be your mailing address-- 
			      the username in username@coconet.com
Mail Host:		      mail.coconet.com
Adjust the other settings in accordance with your preferences.
  1. If you are using other mailing addresses, you may wish to select 
    Personalities category and configure each separate mailing address individually. 
  2. Click OK.

That's it! To check your mail, choose Check Mail (or type CMD-M) from the File menu.


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